How to Make an Appointment

Appointments may be booked in several ways:


Patients can book appointments using online services.

By Phone

Patients can book an appointment by calling reception on 020 7471 2650

In Person

Patients can visit the surgery and book an appointment with the receptionist.

Appointment Information

Emergency appointments are available to book on the day – from 7.00 am for morning appointments and from 12.00 pm for afternoon appointments.

We open routine appointments on a daily basis; some morning appointments are available to be booked online from 7.30 pm the previous night and from 7.00 am on the telephone or in person.

Afternoon routine appointments are available to be booked from 12.00 pm (both online, by telephone or in person)

Additionally there are a restricted amount of appointments that can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance.

Reception staff will ask for a brief description of the problem as it may be something they can help with i.e. administration, hospital or medical report enquiries. This will help keep the appointments for clinical matters only.